Oral surgeon and Dentist Dr. Ralf-Werner Fichna, MSc

Dr. Ralf-Werner Fichna is a qualified oral surgeon and is certified in implantology and periodontics. Since 1996 Dr. Ralf-Werner Fichna is medical director in his dental and oral surgery group practice Dr. Fichna & Kollegen in Ansbach.

He is a member in several Academic Dentistry Societies such as DGI (German society of Implantology) and DGPARO (German society of Periodontolgy).

  • 1985-1991 Studying dentistry at the Universities of Mainz, Berlin, Erlangen
  • 1991 Approbation, License to practice dentistry
  • 1992 Conferral of a doctorate, Dr. med. Dent.
  • 1991-1995 Dental assistant doctor and continuing studies for a specification in oral surgery.
  • 1995 Recognition as specialist for oral surgery by the Bavarian Dental Association
  • 1995-1996 Employment as a substitution dentist in several dental practices
  • 1996 Establishment of his own oral surgery and dental practice in Ansbach
  • 2000 Authorization for oral surgery education of dental assistant doctors
  • 2000 Certification and focus on oral implantology
  • 2004 Certification and focus on periodontics
  • 2014-2017 Master’s course of Periodontology and Implantology / Donau Universität Krems
  • März 2017 Master of Implantology and Periodontology
  • DGI German Society of Implantology
  • DGZMK German Society for Dental-, Oral- and Maxillofacial Medicine
  • DGPARO German Society for Periodontology
  • BDO Association of German Oral Surgeons
  • BDIZ Association of European Implantologists
  • AZ Association of Dental Health Care Ansbach