Our philosophy and treatment concept: Intelligent dentistry

Every person runs through different ages and life phases in his life. In our dental practice Dr. Fichna & Partner we want to guide all our patients throughout these ages and life phases. With the concept of intelligent dentistry we have created a step-by-step program adjusted to individual needs, starting in young ages with pediatric dentistry up to premium prosthesis, dentures and implants when you are growing older.

A lifetime medical assistance with comprehensive consultations and diagnosis will enable us to find the most suitable therapy for your individual needs. Considering not only functional aspects but also aesthetics, which has become an enormous factor for most of the patients. Intelligent dentistry stands for comprehensive and predictive dental care providing more livability due to healthy teeth. Our dental and oral surgery group practice with our proficient dentists can provide you the following dental services.


For your dental health

Our treating concept primarily bases on the conservation of your natural teeth with Dental Hygiene, Fillings, Root canals (Endodontics) and Prosthesis.

Oral surgery

For the conservation of your teeth

In complex oral surgery cases and severe dental issues our patients will be medicated by qualified oral surgeons.


For your life quality

Dental implants enable us to restore a lost tooth with premium and durable prosthesis (crowns, bridges and dentures).