With the dentition of the first baby tooth (deciduous tooth) dental health care is important for any infant or child. We feel responsible for an attentive care and prophylaxis of the baby teeth (deciduous teeth). In our dental practice Dr. Fichna & Partner our pediatrician Iris Schweizer supports the parents in the daily dental health care of their children with high standard pedodontics.

Every baby tooth counts

Baby teeth (deciduous teeth) will be replaced by the permanent teeth during the change of bite periods. Nevertheless dental care is really important for the baby teeth and should not be neglected. Bacteria on your baby teeth is probably transmitted to the permanent teeth, causing the same problems with cavities and gum diseases.
Also baby teeth are functioning as a place marker for the permanent teeth, which is very important for the change of bite periods. An early loss of baby teeth causes severe functional problems and affects chewing and speaking.

Attentive dental care and regular preventive dental examinations are indicated even for our little patients.

Kinderzahnarzt Ansbach

Modern Pedodontics

Based on regular preventive dental examinations cavities and gum diseases can be identified and treated at an early stage. Our goal is to involve the parents in the daily dental care of their children also. We give advice in nutrition, individual brushing techniques and motivation in dental care for your children.

Dental cleaning and fluoridation of the tooth surfaces is part of every preventive dental examination. Dental sealants offer a recommended solution for children to maintain healthy teeth and prevent damage. They are clear layers of thin material that are applied to the molars and protect the teeth.


No fear of the dentist!

The first visits with your children to our dental practice should be starting at the age of nine to twelve months, the latest by the dentition of the first baby tooth. We will be prepared for our little patients and take care of an appropriate treatment for children being as perceptive as possible. We want our little patients coming to their dental examinations without any fear and trusting us in our work. Making a visit to the dentist as a matter of course.