Restorative dentistry can restore the function and cosmetic visuals of your teeth. Dental crowns and bridges work to provide a prosthetic restoration for missing or damaged teeth. In our dental practice Dr. Fichna & Partner we offer Cad/Cam technologies to guarantee the perfect fit of your dental prostheses you will also profit of our own dental lab/ technician, which leaves the whole process in one hand.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Workflow

A dental crown can be applicable to your situation if you have teeth that are damaged or decayed. A bridge can also be available if the missing tooth is surrounded by other dental structures.
During the placement of a crown or bridge your teeth will be evaluated to determine the proper spacing. An impression will be created from your bite to create a mold. A restoration designed from porcelain van be customized in color to match the natural shade of your teeth. You also receive a temporary restoration while the lab is fabricating your crown or bridge.

After the final restoration has been placed on your teeth, they will need some time for healing and adjustment. Sensitivity to cold and heat may be experienced during this period, which is expected and can be managed.

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When you are missing more than one tooth or if you are even toothless we can provide partial or complete dentures. New dentures do take some time getting used to, sometimes they are causing discomfort in the beginning and may feel loose which affects eating and speaking. In this case may be a few adjustments will be needed for a better fit or some pressure points have to be reduced. During this period we will monitor you regularly making you more comfortable.

Dental implants offer you another solution for missing teeth. They connect to crowns, bridges or dentures and replace missing teeth at the highest levels of function and aesthetics close to your natural teeth.