Root Canal Treatment Overlook

The procedure begins with the numbing of your teeth. After this process an opening is created on the teeth’s surface to reach the area of infected tissue. Once the root canals have been exposed, the doctor gently cleans out the area and removes any decayed tissue and bacteria. After that the root canals will be rinsed with sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and filled with a medication and a temporary filling. In the following it may be necessary to change the medication a couple of times until all signs of inflammation disappeared. In the end the root canals will be filled to restore the root area. In some cases a crown can also be an alternative to fillings, depending on the destruction of the tooth.

Surgical Loupes or Dental Microscope

Root canal treatment requires fine motor skills, therefore we use surgical loupes or dental microscopes to work precisely and have the maximum outlook on success.


Root Amputation

If the root canal treatment has not lead to success or the infection has affected the jawbone or periodontal tissue a root amputation is required. In the dental practice Dr. Fichna & Partner we are able to operate this surgical treatment in local anesthesia. We numb up the affected area and then elevate a small gingiva flap to access the infected tissue and cut off the tip of the root. Afterwards we seal the root canal retrograde to avoid oncoming infections and put the elevated gingiva back into place with a couple of stitches. The stitches will be remove after seven to ten days. Root amputation treatment is avoiding extraction of your teeth.