Teeth can become crooked, chipped and even overlap as a result of many factors including traumatic injury, bruxism or heredity. Sometimes teeth are discolored because of different circumstances such as smoking, medications etc.. All these factors can reduce the beauty of a smile.

Cosmetic contouring and reshaping procedures can remedy, and in many cases, greatly improve the conditions. We offer you a large variety of dental service for healthy white teeth.

Mechanical bleaching with AirFlow®

The AirFlow®-System is a treating process where a mixture of water, air and a special cleansing salt is sprayed under high pressure onto the teeth. Due to this treatment it is possible to remove superficial discoloration and stains.

Should the effect of brightening not satisfy the wishes of the patient, we still have the possibility to do a bleaching with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Chemical bleaching

Teeth whitening provides you an opportunity to achieve a glamorous and radiant smile. The bleaching process is based on released oxygen from the bleaching agents, which is removing the stains and discoloration. We provide take home kits and practice in-office procedures to accommodate patients with varied treatments preferences.
The result of bleaching lasts for about two years.


Cosmetic contouring with porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers provide a cosmetic improvement of your smile by concealing stains, discoloration, chips located on the surface of your teeth and slight malposition of your teeth. The procedure begins with the design of impressions, which a created to help the veneers fit with your natural teeth. Your teeth will be prepared with a sanding process to clean the surface and shave off excess enamel.
The surface of your teeth will be rinsed with a liquid following the design of the permanent veneers. After the cleaning process the veneers are fitted onto the front surface of your teeth. They are bonded and dried with a curing light. You can see the final results almost immediately and continue your regular activities following the treatment.

Bleaching (teeth whitening) and veneers are cosmetic treatments and therefore costs are not a covered expense by statutory health insurance. The costs can vary due to the complexity of a treatment and used materials. The oral surgery and dental group practice Dr. Fichna & Partner provides an individual cost estimation before starting the treatment.