Teeth only stay healthy with the attentive dental care of a dentist. A routine visit in our dental practice consists of an evaluation of your oral health history as well as a screening to detect any problems or concerns.
Because it is not possible to keep all areas of your mouth clean with daily oral hygiene a professional dental cleaning will be provided to remove any plaque or tartar that cannot be noticeable at home. We recommend at least two oral examinations in combination with a professional cleaning per year.

Professional dental cleanings in means of perfect prevention

The procedure of professional dental cleanings includes the polishing and cleaning of your teeth and periodontal pockets to eliminate any traces of plaque and tartar. Dental cleanings do not involve any intensive surgical procedures, so they can be provided without any anesthesia. After the cleaning and removal of any discoloration your teeth will be fluoridated.

Prophylaxe Ansbach

Our dental practice offers the following dental health care arrangements:

Scheduling regular dental visits are essential for your health, we recommend at least two visits per year. Frequent visits allow us to evaluate your oral health consistently and understand your specific dental conditions, paving the way for personalized treatments and avoid any dental diseases as decay, gingivitis, periodontitis or inflammation on your dental implants.

Professional Cleanings

Removal of Tartar


Dental implants follow-up Care

Advice for Dental Health during Pregnancy

Nutrition advice