Contact & Access

Oral surgery & dental practice
Dr. Fichna & Kollegen
Schalkhäuser Straße 10
91522 Ansbach

Phone: +49(981) 65050650
Fax: +49(981) 650506566

Access & Parking

Our dental practice is located in the glass building, Schalkhäuser Str.10/ 1st Floor, across from the public school “Gymnasium Carolinum”. You will find several parking possibilities in two nearby parking garages “Altstadt” and “Quelle Gelände”. From there it is only a short walk to our dental practice.

You will find disabled parking in our interior courtyard, which can be used also for picking up patients who had been in surgery.


Suggestions for scheduling appointments:
For different reasons, as for example complex scheduling framework or variation in the length of appointments, which only can be handled by a skilled employee, it is not possible to schedule appointment by email. We are looking forward for you to call.

Nevertheless our phone sometimes is very busy, in these cases you should leave a message on our answering machine or mailbox and we will contact you reliable at your preferred time on the same day.